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Christianity is one of the major religions of mankind. It has been the dominant
religion in Europe and America, Christianity has also spread throughout the
world and has a greater number of adherents then any other religion. The Jewish
teacher known as Jesus of Nazareth founded Christianity. Christianity drew on
the expectations for a Messiah common in the region during these centuries.
Jesus was born in Bethlehem, near Jerusalem, and grew up in the town of
Nazareth. He was educated from the Pharisaic school of thought and was
practicing as an observant Jew. He was not preaching to non-Jews so therefore
only Jews could follow him. they started to think of him as their Messiah. As he
traveled through towns in Judea he gathered small groups of followers. He chose
twelve from these groups and they became known as the twelve apostles. They
traveled around the world preaching. According to the gospels, he created great
excitement among the people. In 30 CE Jesus traveled to Jerusalem. There he was
hailed as the Messiah. Others denied that he was the messiah and regarded him as
a revolutionary. The Romans feared that Jesus wanted to lead an uprising, and
they considered him an enemy of the state. Jesus was tried before Pontius
Pilate, the Roman governor. He eventually agreed to have Jesus crucified.
According to the gospels, Jesus rose from his grave, and went back to his
followers for forty days and preaches. Before 45 CE a man named Peter comes
along and tries to spread Christianity to Jews. In 45 CE a Jew named Saul comes
along. Saul is born in Tarsus in Asia Minor. He goes to Judea and Learns with
Raban Gamleael; he becomes involved in persecuting Christians. Eventually,
according to a legend Saul is blinded by a vision. He goes on the road and Jesus
comes to him and asks him why he is persecuting the Christians, Jesus blinds
him. Jesus toells Saul to go to a certain Christian to get healed. Saul did that
and then he changes his name to Paul, because Paul means healed. Paul has a
great influence on spreading Christianity to non-Jews, and forming it as a
separate religion. Between 45 and 65 CE, he journeyed throughout the eastern
Mediterranean region, spreading the teaching of Jesus and founding Christian
communities. Paul visited Rome, where, according to tradition he was put to
death. Paulís Epistles to Christian congregations form an important part of
the New Testament. The New Testament was a combination of four gospels written
by Paul and a book of Revolution; this is in relation to the Old Testament,
which was the Torah. Paul insisted that Jesus was not just the Jewish Messiah
but a savior for all human races. By following the teachings of Jesus, all
people could be saved from the consequences of their sins. They could avoid
damnation and instead enjoy the bliss of salvation in paradise after death. In
100 CE Christianity was recognized as a different sect. Christians had to make a
hard decision whether to keep on following, even though they were in danger or
not. The Christians who defied Roman religion and law were persecuted and used
as scapegoats. In 200 CE there was a civil war in the empire and many people
turned to Christianity. City dwellers converted. By the end of the 200ís, the
Christian church had become so big that the government couldnít punish
everyone, Roman law had accepted Christianity as a religion. The position of
Christianity vastly improved when Emperor Constantine became a supporter of
Christianity. The religions of Christianity and Judaism both accept everyone and
charge nothing. They welcome the poor and rich alike. They believe that the
people should be good citizens and obey the laws. They both encourage them to
practice charity and to care for the poor and outcast. Christians believe that
the appointed Jesus was there Messiah. They believed that all people had good in
them. If they prayed to the Messiah, no matter what bad they did they would be
forgiven and redeemed in the eyes of their Lord. All men could be saved from
sins before and in the after life. Christianity is now one of the major
religions that can be found all over the world.
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