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Thesis: Creation vs. Evolution has been a hot topic with society for centuries.
Just recently, in the mid-1980’s an new kid came on the block, Scientific
Creation. Purpose: The following will show the main ideas of Creation,
Evolution, and Scientific Creation. I will also show why I believe in Creation
and what aspects of Evolution and Scientific Creation help me to confirm this
belief. Creation vs. Evolution or Scientific Creation The cosmos, whether you
believe in Creation, Evolution, or Scientific Creation is a very interesting
subject. Creation, as documented in the Bible in Genesis 1:1 states that “In
the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” It shows that God
created the universe and all living things out of love, in a particular order,
and with a particular purpose. Evolution portrays the origin of life as starting
out with the “big bang”. The collision of two atmospheres, both atmospheres
having the ability to create life as we know it. Scientific Creation is not
based on Genesis or any religious teaching. Scientific Creation is based on the
scientific data, which supports Creation. According to Henry M. Morris, the
difference between Scientific Creation and Biblical Creation is “the first is
based solely on scientific evidence, from such sciences as genetics, geology,
thermodynamics and paleontology; the second is based on Biblical teachings.”
In examining the above beliefs, Creation, Evolution and Scientific Creation, I
view Scientific Creation as an attempt to make a lateral connection between
Evolution and Creation. The theory that all living creatures came out of the
“big bang” (according to Evolution) is too far of a stretch to the
imagination for me. If all animals, insects and human beings were created due
this collision and through an evolutionary process, then one would think that we
would all be related genetically. Where does our inner spirit come into play?
Why do we have a conscience and a spirit for life? The human race is far more
superior and complex than to be created out of a molecular explosion. In three
separate interviews by MSNBC with noted scientists James Hough, Claudia Huber,
Gunter Wachtershauser, and Paul Schimmel, three separate theories of the
Earth’s evolution was described. James Hough believes that a meteorite created
life on Earth. Huber and Wachtershauser believe life on Earth began with
volcanic organisms and Schimmel believes life began with a type of RNA world.
The concept of Scientific Creation tries to calculate an “apparent age” of
any particular system in the functioning cosmos, but at best this can only be as
good as the assumption of the “initial conditions.” Because of my faith,
even after examining Evolution and Scientific Creation, I still believe in the
Biblical accounting of the cosmos. I cannot perceive how a molecular explosion
or RNA molecules could give us everything we see and feel everyday. Moses writes
that the heavens and the earth were created in one day. Our perception of this
is 24 hours. I feel that it took a longer time span and that God’s perception
of “one day” is not the same as ours. In the book of Genesis, most people
lived to be over 800 years old. Today we only live to be 80. This in itself can
show that his perception of time may not be equal to ours. Evolution does not
show any particular order to this event, nor does it show why things happened or
what made them happen, while Scientific Creation basis its findings on the
assumption that there were initial conditions for the Earth to evolve. Every
time I see a rainbow I can’t help but remember God’s promise as to never
destroy mankind again, that there is always hope. God gave us the ability to
make choices in our lives. Not one of us is perfect, nor without sin. We also
have the ability to be forgiven and to forgive others. To think that we came
about because of a “big bang” or evolved through RNA is not within my own
personal realm of thinking.Bibliography“Evolution Theory: the Big Problem!” Alan
Boyle. MSNBC. “Examining Life’s Building Blocks.” 30 July 1999.
Henry M. Morris. “Creation and Its Critics.” Copyright 1982.
Life Application Study Bible. Tyndale House Publishers, Inc. “Book of Genesis"
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