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The last line of the Lord’s prayer is, “In the name of the Father, the Son,
and the Holy Spirit.” It is a key line in the Christian religion. The
intention of this is reminding one of where we came from and to thank Jesus
Christ for giving his life to remove humanitie’s sin. There are many key
points in the Bible that tells us how we came to be, reminding us everyday to be
thankful for what God has done for us. The Bible is one thing that held in high
esteem with many people with stories of earth’s origin, centered in their
beliefs in creationism. The Theory of creationism has no true time for when it
founded but has been part of many people’s lives life’s from the very
beginning. The Bible is the key source for information on the origins of human
life according to the many Christians. The Bible details the story of God and
his passion to make man and molded man from himself (Genesis 1:27). But where
did the Bible come from? That is a mystery in itself. The scriptures were passed
down from the disciples of Jesus to holy men throughout the ages by word of
mouth until they were written on paper. Creationism arose from the Bible, and
the book of Genesis. Christ helped teach these ideas and who’s teachings are
still followed today is God’s son Jesus Christ. He was sent to Earth by his
father to speak the word of God to humanity, ultimately made the biggest
sacrifice of all, by giving his life to save the lives of who would be baptized,
and those who wouldn’t would be condemned (Luke 16:15). There are different
degrees of creationism, while ranging from believing only in what is explictly
stated in the Bible; to believing an equal balance between the Bible and
science. One type of creationism is Young Earth Creationism, which is most often
entitled as “creationism” by scientists, education and the press (Moreland
41). This belief teaches that the earth is young, a few thousand years old, and
that science is wrong. By saying that the earth is young, the timeline of the
Bible matches Young Earth Creationists follow on earth’s creation (Moreland
49). Other views include a mix of science and religion, which include teaching
that the earth could be as old as some scientists say it is. But mentioning that
the bible says God created the earth in six days, without mentioning the length
of days. The days could have been million of years long. It is a matter of
opinion to a person as to which type of creationism that they believe in. There
are people that don’t believe in creationism. Saying that it doesn’t make
any sense to them. There are many reasons to argue that belief because to many
creationism does make sense. The Bible doesn’t say how long the days were when
God created the earth and life (Toumey 34). Even today scientists are not sure
how the earth and the solar system was created. The one source, that has been
around since the age of man is the Bible. One key point scientists argue against
creationism, is that the Bible explains every thing out of order compared to in
the many ways science tells us. The Bible makes sense in many ways. It reads
that God created the earth and the heavens, then water and earth, then the
plants, and the animals in water and on the land. Finaly in the end God made man
(Genesis 1:1-7). The Bible says that everything was created in that order, which
is the order that science has told us of how life was created on earth. When God
created the earth that could have been the big bang theory because all of a
sudden the heavens and the earth were created, just like scientists had
theorized. As much as science has tried to disprove the Bible, they have just
made it more believable, it comes down to one thing: scientists cannot bear the
thought of a natural phenomenon, which cannot be explained (Frye 35). Every
effect to them must have its causes, even if there is no first cause. Today
science plays an important part in our lives, helping us travel to the moon and
find cures for many diseases. It impacts us in many ways but has little to
believe in. The Bible and its explanations of creationism giving us hope and
meaning to one’s life and members of a Christian religion. Creationism help us
look to the past on important issues that deal with why we are here and why it
is human to act human; to have faults. Most important is that creationism gives
us the solid proof of belonging and existence.

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