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In the name of Allah, the beneficent, the merciful. Praise be to Allah lord of
the worlds. Some people claim that Muslims worship one of the pagan gods of the
Arabs. Allah, according to these people, is only the name of those idols chosen
by Muhammad as his god out of 360 idols worshiped by pre-Islamic Arabs. The best
answer to these claims comes from the holy quran, the final word of god
almighty. According to the Quran Muslims worship the same almighty god of
Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad (peace be upon all of them).
They submit to the divine being, the creator of the universe. Allah is the
proper name of god in Arabic. It simply means the one and only God. Here is how
the quran introduces Allah. It refers to the one and only god the almighty, the
lord of all creation. He is Allah, the one and only! Allah, the eternally
besought of all, he begets not, nor was he begotten and there is none equal to
him. May Allah open the hearts and minds of people to return to him alone. Only
then can they succeed. Hinduism, what is Hinduism? To worship something that
mankind them self-made? Something that can break and then be replaced? Something
that can neither talk nor hear? Something that could neither hurt nor curse any
one? I am just curious and want to know how can human create something from
their own hands and then start to worship it. Then if human made the idols who
made Human? Who made the worlds, the earth, heaven, the sky, the moon, the sun,
the stars, the animals the plants and who made everything that the earth
contains, before the idols were created by men? Did the idols make them? But,
how could have the idols that refer to gods in Hinduism make them when humans
made the idols after the world was created? How can we make something yesterday
and tomorrow start to worship it? Then believe that itís powerful when we our
selves the human have the power to create it? I just want to know and research
more about the answers to my questions, so if you have any answers please
explain to me. Allah! There is no god but he, He is the creator of the worlds,
the human, the sun, the moon, stars, heaven, earth and everything that the earth
contains, he is the alive, the eternal; neither slumber nor sleep overtakes him.
Unto him belongs all that is in heavens and what is on earth. Who is he that
intercedes with him except by his leave? He knows that which is before them and
that which is after them; while they encompass nothing of his knowledge save
according to his will. His chair contains the heavens and the earth; and he is
never weary of preserving them, and he is the sublime, the tremendous. (2:255)
The quran is one of the books of Allah besides, injil, zabur, tawrat, All these
four books are the books of Allah they are the words of Allah himself.
Eventhough as the years went by men have changed the words of Allah and made
themselves go astray, but Allah has promised humankind that he himself is
looking over the quern, (heís last book) so no one can change a dot from it.
Allah has kept his promise, until this day not even one word in the quran has
been changed or ever will be changed,all the words or even dots in the qurans
all over the world are the same. All books of allah had only one message that
there is only one god, he is the creator of worlds and everything that is
contained in the heavens and earth, but the people changed Allahís words and
went astray, not knowing that they belong to Allah and oneday they will return
to him. Islam is a religion that teaches Muslims to love one another weather a
believer or non believer, we are all the children of Adam and Eve which
therefore makes us all brother and sister .We are all the creation of god, god
loves us all and only wants the best for us. Like parents whom wants the best
for their children so does Allah want for us. Allah (god) has given us so much,
he has made the earth like a carpet in order for us to walk on, He has given us
sight so that we can see the beautiful creations of allah, he has given us nose
so that we can breath from, hears so that we can hear things, a since of taste
so that we can taste and enjoy delicious food, He has given us a way of thinking
a brain that doesnít need any electricity like our computers or other
technologies do. Allah is always there for us, he never turns his back on us he
knows all our feelings, secrets, desires. He always has his harms open for us
even if we do the worst of sins he still loves us. In the name of Allah the
beneficent , the merciful.Alif lam mim ra. These are verses of the book. That
which is revealed to you from your lord is the truth, but most of mankind
believes not. Allah it is who raised up the heavens without visible supports,
then prevailed on the heavens without sun and the moon subservient, each runs
for an appointed term; he fulfills the command (the affairs); he details the
revelations, that perhaps you may be certain of the meeting with your lord.and
he it is who spread out the earth and placed therein firm mountains and flowing
rivers, and of all fruits he placed therein two pairs. He covers night and day
herein verily is tokens for people aho raflect. And in the earth are neighboring
tracks, vineyards and ploughed with one water, but we have made some of them
better than others in fruit (for eating). Herein are portents for people who
have sense. Brothers and sisters Allah love us all and want us to return to him.
Allah has given us so much cant we at least try to walk towards him. If you are
not a Muslim I respect you and you religion, for Allah has warned Muslims not to
have hatred among other religions. We are all the creation of Allah (god) and
will die oneday My point was to make people understand what Islam is really
about, these days the world is corrupted many Muslims even go the wrong way and
thatís way other religions have different thoughts and ideas about Islam. I
request you that if u have any questions that you might not know to please email
me and ask me, or you can even research about Islam your self, I wish you all a
happy and joyful life, may Allah (god) bless all of you.
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