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Marriage is a three-ring circus: engagement ring, wedding ring, and suffering.
-- Anonymous It is important that we realize that religion is just like people,
they are different, in that we must realize that it is not "normal"
for us however it is life to others. In this paper I will discuss some major and
minor traditions, similarities and differences between marriages in the
Christian faith as well as those same key points in the Islam faith. There are
many comparable aspects along with several distinctions. First it is imperative
for me to describe a little about each religion. Christians are monotheistic, in
that they believe in God, as their supreme ruler. God sent his one and only son
down as a being to be on earth with us and to die for our sins. When Jesus died
he joined with the Holy Father, thus formulating the holy trilogy "In the
name of the father the son and the holy spirit". Jesus told his disciples
that upon his death they would receive a special gift. This gift is the Holy
Spirit that will dwell in all believers (Found in the Gospels of Matthew, Mark,
Luke and John. Their Holy Book is the Bible and it contains many things such as
stories, proverbs, futuristic details, and the following of God in the beginning
(Genesis), through out the birth of his son by the Virgin Mary. The place of
worship where they meet for mass is known as a church, and it is a gathering
place for those to receive the word of God through priests, deacons, and
bishops. The entire family is equally involved in the praise and it is a common
occurrence in the Christian household for the family to go to church together.
In addition, they should live their lives very closely guided by the Ten
Commandments (Exodus 20:1-21). (Thou shall not steal, kill, covet my neighbors
wife, praise any other God, use God's name in vain, etc. ) However, if you find
yourself in violation of one of the commandments you are allowed to go to
Confession which allows you to state yours sins in front of God, to a Priest who
will give you some suggestions of what to do to repent.
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