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In the home, such as Kashrut, the preparation of food so that it is ritually
acceptable, for example Kosher foods. Foods containing milk are never mixed with
meat, nor eaten at the same meal. The weekly Sabbath is observed in the home,
and begins with a women of the house lighting Sabbath candles. Observant Jews
recite blessings before eating over wine, bread and other foods. In Buddhist
religion author Gary Miles of the book All About Buddhism emphazises mostly on
these points, monks and nuns lead simple, strict lives, studying the sacred
texts, learning to chant and meditate and helping in the daily running of the
monastery. Some also work or teach in the local community. The monks and nuns
obey a set of monastery rules called vinaya. Many monasteries have 227 rules,
but the number can vary. The rules include the Ten Precepts, which the monks vow
to keep. These are the five precepts which ordinary Buddhists follow: 1.) Not to
harm or kill any living thing 2.) Not to steal or take anything that is not
freely given. 3.) To control sexual desire 4.) Not to tell lies 5.) Not to drink
or take drugs Together with five extra rules –not eating after midday, not
singing or dancing in a frivolous way, not to wear perfume or jewlery, not
sleeping on a bed and not taking gifts or money. As part of their simple
lifestyle, these monks in Thailand have only 2 meals a day. The first is eaten
early in the morning, at about 7am. The second must be eaten before noon. The
meals are made up of food placed in the monks’ alms bowls that morning by the
local people. After this the monks fast until the next morning, with only water
or tea without milk or sugar to drink. This teaches them self-discipline and
helps them to train their minds.
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