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In the King Lear play, Shakespeare creates many conditions in which humans live
in the world. The main characters in the play are used to portray Shakespeare's
ideas. One of these ideas which Shakespeare is trying to portray is evil between
the characters and in the world which are emphasized throughout the play. The
evil, created by humans, is outweighed by good in the world of King Lear. Evil
was created by humans who decided to do wrong to others. Duke of Albany, said
that all evil people will be justly punished (ACT V, iii, 303). Albany indicated
that it is the people who caused evil and people decided to do evil, not gods.
Lear believes that since Edgar is out on the heath he must have given everything
to his daughters as well (ACT III, iv, 62ff). Since he believes that Edgar gave
everything to evil Lear must believe that people are the cause of evil. It were
Lear's daughters who decided to do wrong to Lear and it was Lear's fault in
giving away all of his land. Si ughters are the humans in the play, it is the
humans who caused the evil and Lear believes that humans were the ones who
created evil. Edgar, is another character in the play who believes that evil is
caused by humans and not the gods. Edgar said, "The gods are just, and of
our peasant vices make instruments to plague us" (ACT V, iii, 169). Edgar
clearly says that the gods are right and it is the people who are responsible
for promoting evil in the world. It is us who make the instruments necessary for
evil to spread and plague the world. In the world of King Lear many characters
believe evil was caused by the people and not by the gods.
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