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Besides being a powerful work written by Shakespeare, Macbeth was also a
gruesome tragedy about the deaths of many people including Macbeth’s wife. For
a person that lived through such tough circumstances, the fact that Macbeth
chose to describe life as “a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
signifying nothing” is no surprise. Macbeth was a corrupt man given different
perspectives on life than most normal people. Life is not “a tale told by an
idiot,” but a truly splendid gift given from God which many people have taken
the full benefits of. Love, one of the most sacred traits of life, is not a
“silly” matter that can easily be forgotten. Emotions tend to play a major
role in what makes life beautiful and exciting. Lovers that can’t live long
separated, mothers who love their children, and close friends all find comfort
and security in their lives with the support they receive from others love. Good
experiences are what people live for taking into consideration most people wish
life was longer than it already is. When Macbeth made his speech on life, not
only had his wife just been murdered, but he never had the chance to experience
a secure lifestyle for the fear that he could be murdered himself. Like a clear
night on the beach, life is what makes the movie watcher cry and the dancer soar
gracefully. People often have the tendency to take life for granted. They forget
what it was like during the happy times in their lives and only focus on their
bad experiences. Like Macbeth who chose to put down life after his wife’s
murder, he forgot all about the happy times he had ever spent with her and
practically accused life for her death. What he forgot to remember is that life
brought them together in the first place. Taking into consideration the
achievements that mankind has made since the beginning of history, life is more
like sweet music in ones ear than “a tale told by an idiot”. When people
choose to only focus on sorrow, they are cheating themselves of the opportunity
life offers to move on, change and learn from past experiences. When a musician
is able to create lovely music and an artist is able to make a viewer experience
a feeling of awe, life is truly at its pinnacle.
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