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To start with, we can see that the general situation is rather like a clan or
tribal conflict. Such conflict can lead to social disorder, bloodshed or even
death. It all start with the conflict between the two households. Later on in
the play, at Act II, Scene 2 - the party scene, Romeo and Juliet meet and fell
immediately in love and they shared a sonnet together. This is just a matter of
fate and chance. The play is in a climax after Romeo and Juliet decided to get
married the next day after they meet at Juliet's balcony that night. Romeo's
happiness after the marriage is contrasted with Tybalt's appearance which cause
Mercutio's death, Tybalt's death, Romeo's banishment and all the tragedy to
happen. While Romeo was banished, Juliet is there, in her own house, hoping that
Romeo will be there tonight to consummate their marriage. Romeo was in Friar's
cell, feeling very helpless and despair, as he could not go to see Juliet
tonight and he must leave for Mantua immediate because of his banishment. The
Nurse brought back bad news of Romeo's banishment and Tybalt's death. At first,
Juliet was devastated as she misunderstood Romeo is the one who is killed by
Tybalt. But after further questioning, Juliet then realized that Tybalt is the
one who is died, not Romeo. She felt relieved. Friar finally agree to let Romeo
go to the Capulet's place that night. But ONLY with a disguise. They shared
their passion that night. Sadly, Romeo must leave Juliet for Mantua the next
morning. Juliet was forced to marry Paris. She didn't want to marry him, and
with Friar's help, she drank a potion which would cause her to 'die' for 72
hours. On that day, Friar tried to inform Romeo about the plan, but his letter
did not reach him. Instead Romeo receive the unpleasant news from Balthasar.
Romeo then went to Juliet's tomb, he killed Paris, he drank the poison, and when
Juliet woke up, she killed herself, and die too. THE STORY In the late 1500's,
in Verona, Italy. There were two really powerful families, the Montagues and the
Capulets, who had been enemies for almost decades. One day, the head of
household of the Capulet family, which is Juliet's father, decides to throw a
party and to invite all the relatives and friends of the Capulet. Being the
feuding family, the Montages, of course was not invited. Romeo, as the Montages,
planned to get a look at a young girl, Rosaline, who he was pursuing then.
Therefore he disguised himself in a party clothes and secretly slips into the
party. Once he went inside, he saw no Rosaline, instead he saw an attractive
girl --- Juliet. His attention was immediately stolen by the attractive girl he
saw. He fell in love instantly. But after that, when Romeo found out that Juliet
was a Capulet, and vice versa, they both feel very disappointed. That night,
Romeo secretly crept into the garden of the Capulet so as to hope to catch a
glimpse of Juliet. Juliet was standing on her balcony, confessing her forbidden
love to the stars. Romeo heard her confession and he stepped out from the bush
which he was hiding in. Romeo admits his strong feelings to Juliet and plans to
marry her secretly the next day with the help of his friend, Friar Laurence. On
the wedding day, both of Romeo's friends, Benvolio and Mercutio was confronted
by Juliet's cousin, Tybalt, while walking down the streets in Verona. Tybalt was
there to get Romeo. When he couldn't find him, he started fighting with Benvolio
and Mercutio. After that, Romeo shows up but he didn't want to fight with Tybalt
because he's already married to Juliet. One of his friend Mercutio, saw that
Romeo did not stand up for himself and couldn't understand it. So Mercutio
stepped out to fight for him. But he was killed. Romeo couldn't control his
anger anymore. So as to avenge the death of his friend, Romeo kills Tybalt. The
prince of Verona then banishes Romeo away from Juliet, to another town, Mantua.
Not knowing Juliet's marriage to Romeo, Juliet's father, the old Capulet,
decided to marry his daughter to a young man named Paris. Not knowing what to
do, Juliet consults Friar Laurence. He told her to agree to the marriage, but in
the morning of her wedding day, she will drink a potion specially made by Friar
Laurence to her. The potion will make Juliet looks like she is died. Then he
will sent Romeo there to rescue her. Therefore, on the day of marriage, Juliet
did as what she was told. But the bad thing is, bad news reaches Romeo's ears
before Friar Laurence reaches him. Over coming with grief, Romeo buys a poison
before going to Juliet's tomb so as to died beside his wife. When he reaches
Juliet's tomb, he was forced to kill Paris for not letting him inside to be with
Juliet. Romeo drank the poison and died. Moments later, Juliet wakes up and
found Romeo died. She learns what has happened from Friar Laurence who just came
in to the tomb. Feeling very upset, She took Romeo's dagger to kill herself.
Romeo and Juliet's death had caused a deep impact on the Montagues and the
Capulets. They promised themselves that they were never to fight again.
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