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There are thousands of people who enjoy playing the game of basketball. Although
there are only a handful who play this game professionally. All of these players
want to play for a championship team, such as the Chicago Bulls of the 1990s.
John Stockton and Karl Malone are different in terms of their position and their
roll, but they are similar because of their unique knowledge of the sport. First
off their positions are totally different, because John Stockton play a point
guard position and Karl Malone play power forward. Their positions are a direct
result of their size and talents. John Stockton is only 61 and 185 lbs
whereas Karl Malone is 610 and 240 lbs, which makes it obvious that Karl
Malone is much bigger and stronger. Their skills also dictate which position
they play. Since Karl Malone is bigger he is naturally better at rebounding and
dunking, but his dribbling skills are not as strong because he does not have to
do much dribbling. John Stockton on the other hand is and excellent dribbler and
an even better passer. Another difference is their role on their team. John
Stockton is responsible for dribbling up the court, passing the ball and
scoring. Karl Malone is responsible for scoring, rebounding and shutting down
the opposition on the defensive side. Since John Stockton dribbles the ball up
the court he controls the tempo of the game, whether he want to go fast or just
slow everything down. Malone wants to make the big play to pump up the team,
give them life or just put the final nail in the coffin. Both of these players
are leader of the team and are the go-to-guys on the Utah Jazz. Even though
there are some differences between the two players, there are also some
Similarities. These two extraordinary basketball players are both all stars, and
have been for many years. They have been playing on the same team with each
other, for over ten years. They are captains and leader, their team mates look
to them for help. They are extremely experienced, they know each other in and
out, which is one reason why their team is so successful. After playing on the
same team for over ten years, they know what each other is going to do. This is
a very unique thing, because players find that money is more important. John
Stockton and Karl Malone are two great players in the N.B.A., they demonstrate
strong commitment, leadership and are assets to their team and the league
itself. They are different in some ways and are similar in others. Although
their differences are complementary which make them strong, and their
similarities make them stronger. This is why they are apart of a very successful
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