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If you want the rush of going downhill at thirty miles an hour on two wheels
with wind blowing dirt in your eyes and mud flinging all over you, then mountain
biking is for you. However it isnít for the faint of heart. When you fall, you
fall hard, and if you ride hard, you go through parts like a runner goes through
water. Also keep in mind that mountain biking isnít for everyone. You have to
want to live on the edge. The thrill is the reward for all of your efforts. So
letís take a walk through a day at the course. The sun is shinning in my room
as I wake up on another beautiful Saturday morning. The one thing that excites
me as I rise is the fact that today I am going mountain biking. So I get dressed
and call my friend Sean. Sean is the person who I go mountain biking with the
most. We normally go to a place in Barrington. It is a forest reserve that has
great trails. After Sean arrives at my house we do a little pre-ride bike check.
We make sure that all of the components are securely on the bike and that the
tires are properly inflated. With water bottles filled and bikes ready to go, we
are off. Not long after we arrive at our destination we see others just like us
who are out to enjoy a great day at the trails. With bikes ready to go so are
we. Usually we start off with the small trails that have some hills to them.
After we are tired of the small stuff we get into downhill chutes, cross-country
riding and all the hard riding that mountain biking is all about. Occasionally,
we have a spill or two but nothing to serious. In my case however, the only time
I go mountain biking by myself, I fall and break my collar bone. So after a few
hours of riding all our energy on the course, we decide it is time to go home.
You know that you rode hard if you are covered in mud and dirt. And after
another successful ride, we go home to plan our next day at the course.
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