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My editorial is how the seriousness for school related sports has decreased.
Sports arenít what they used to be. People who say things like ď people are
taking these sports too seriouslyĒ or ď the sports are meant to be funĒ, I
think, should rethink their opinion. Of course, they are taken seriously, that
doesnít necessarily mean they arenít fun. Personally I love all of the
yelling and confusion that goes on all around sports, whether itís on TV, or
the court, or on the field. I also think that nowadays they arenít being taken
seriously enough. These days sports have become much more that what they used to
be. I looked up the word Ďsportsí in the dictionary, and this is what it
said: 1. an amusing or interesting activity 2. a physical activity especially
one with a set form and body of rules My definition of sports: 1. a political
game Why? You may ask, do I call it this. The first reason is the coaches. Take
basketball for example. Iíve gone to a couple of my sisterís basketball
games (sheís in 5th grade) and noticed that she has gone to every single
practice, and yet, still sits the bench for most of the game. She has two
coaches and both of them have daughters on the team, and both of their daughters
play all of the game. Even though (I think) that my sister is a little bit
better than those two. My father told me that when he was in 8th grade, he had
coaches that had coached the teams for years and years. Not playerís parents.
Now, donít get me wrong I have no problems with players parents coaching their
sonís or daughterís team (because I have on right now) but I donít like
when they arenít fair. Some of the parents go to their childís practice and
Ďmake friendsí with the coach, or suck up to them. When I was in 4th and 5th
grade, my dad coached our team and I never ever played more than any other kid
did on that team. Another thing that isnít taken seriously enough are the
refs. Again, playerís parents are refereeing their own childrenís games.
Thatís like being in a class with your mom as the teacher. These refs also
shouldnít carry personal issues onto the court, for example: if I were to not
be one of the greatest friends with one of the referees, that still gives him no
right to just pick on me during the whole game. I hope this paragraph about the
refs, and the rest of this article is having action taken against them.
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