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In this essay, I need to compare two biographies of a famous person. I will plot
out the difference and compare the two books considering point of view, bias,
aim, omission, interest and interpretation. This person is my hero and idol. He
is one of the great player in the history of hockey. He set the all-time NHL
scoring record in 26 seasons and got four Stanley cup in a row from 1984-1988.
He is Wayne Gretzky, the most brilliant and talent hockey player in this
century. Ichose the "Gretzky and Taylor" and "Gretzky with Rick
Reilly. The book "Gretzky with Rick Reilly was an autobiography. It showed
how Wayne Gretzky from his AHL to a famous NHL player. In this book, there were
a lot of Gretzky's childhood. We knew that Wayne Gretzky could skate at two
years old. He was well known by people at six. When he was ten, he was signing
autographs and had a national magazine article written about him. A thirty-
minutes national television show done on him at fifteen. It also talk about
Gretzky's hero when he was a kid. He was a funny guy. He was Gretzky's hockey
instructor. He was also his lacrosse, baseball basketball and cross country
coach. He was not only coach, but also trainer and chauffeur. Gretzky called him
dad, his name was Walter. However, in the book "Gretzky and Taylor",
it did not show anything in Gretzky's childhood. It was started when Gretzky
became the NHL player, a member of Edmonton Oiler's rookie. How he became the
hall of the frame. The description of this book was very interesting. The writer
show the thing through the game. For example the first chapter was talking about
the 1984 Stanley Cup final between the Edmonton Oilers and New York Islander.
"Wayne," he said, "don't worry about not scoring so far. Just
make sure that when you do get a goal for us is a big one. " (Page 15
Gretzky and Taylor ) From this conversation, we could know what had happen at
that time. So, there was different between the point of view of those two books.
Although this two books had the different point of view, they both had the same
aim. They also showed to young people that worked hard was the only source of
success. In the book "Gretzky with Rick Reilly", Gretzky showed his
talent when he was young. He was national knew at six. There was even a wild
rumors that the New York Rangers were going to buy the entry Brantford Pee Wee
franchise, so that they had the right to take him when he turn the greater. But
behind the success, did you know how much Gretzky put on the hockey. In the
winter, Gretzky would get in the mourning, skated from seven o' clock to eight-
thirty, went to school, came back home at three thirty, stayed on the ice until
his mother ready the dinner, ate in his skater, then went back out until nine o'
clock. On Saturday and Sundays, he would have games played with his
neighborhood. So looked how much times that Gretzky put on the practice and that
time he was six. Also in the book "Gretzky and Taylor", because of
Brantford, the home of Wayne Gretzky. He left home at fourteen. He moved to
Toronto, playing with the Toronto Young Nationals, Junior B. The years in
Toronto were no way for a kid. He was lonely, living without family. But why
Gretzky chose to do this? It was because he could go to school and nobody knew
who he was and he would play better hockey. So now we can see how Gretzky was so
successful. We could clearly see the omission between these tow book. It was
because the "Gretzky and Taylor" was published in 1984, there was a
great omission in Gretzky's life. This thing happened in 1988, the Edmonton
Oilers wanted to tread Gretzky to L.A. Kings. That was the most important trade
in the NHL. The book "Gretzky with Rick Reilly" was published in 1900.
So it had some more detail in this event. After the Oilers had won the fourth
Stanley Cup in last five years. The owner of the Oilers Nelson Skalbania wanted
Oilers to go public, so he could raise money easily. In order to go public, he
had to get Gretzky out of the personal service contract and make Gretzky
property of the team. Because Skalbania knew what he needed wasn't more Stanley
Cups. He didn't need to sell more ticket. His arena was already sold out. He
need cash. So, now Gretzky became a LA. Kings after this huge deal in the NHL
history. Talking about the bias, I didn't think there had a lot of bias in this
two books. I could only find a little bias in the book "Gretzky with Rick
Reilly" it was because this book was a autobiography, it may had a little
bit subjective. The part that a felt subjective was the huge deal. In the book,
it only had people who supported Gretzky to give their comments, no one was on
the side owner .May be the thing was what the people had said, but you should
also had the comment of other side. So that people can compare by themselves.
Both two books were very interesting, not only the words but a lot of pictures.
These pictures could make the books more interested but also gave readers the
image how Gretzky played hockey. And the interpretation, both two books had some
statistic in the back. It showed how many goals, assists, points and many other
statistic of Wayne Gretzky. (see note 1) Compare of these two books, I could
find both very interested and excllent. However, I thought the "Gretzky
with Rick Reilly" was a liitle bit better than the other because of the
more specify details.
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