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I would just like to start out and say that I donít think that
watching wrestling on television is worth while. I canít understand how
millions of people sit around their living rooms watching a bunch of
muscle-bound wanna be jocks play fight and talk *censored*. ITíS NOT REAL!
What else do I have to say? The wrestlers and the officials admit it. The couch
potatoes that watch this garbage are drawn in by the story of all things. You
see, there is an ongoing saga behind every pseudo-body slam. None of it is real
though, none of the trash talking, partnerships, or the fighting is real. Even
so, people still are addicted to it. Wrestling today is bigger than it has ever
been before. It is constantly ranked first on the Neilson Ratings (along with
2nd, 3rd, and so on until 7th). So, my question is, why is this phony wrestling
so popular? Professional wrestling is one of the many worthless products of the
1980ís. It had itís time in the spotlight in the mid to late 80ís with
super-stars like Hulk Hogan and Andrť The Giant. Then faded along with eight
tracks and wine coolers. The difference, wrestlers along with the officials
swore that every move was real. Every time Hulk Hogan fake-punched his opponent
while simotaniously stomping his foot on the floor to create the illusion that
he actually hit him, was supposed to be real. As the 90ís rolled in wrestling
took a bout of silence. For an instant I thought that people had found the same
thing that I had, a remote control, and changed the channel. We arenít that
lucky though because it is back, WWF and WCW are more popular than ever. The WCW
and the WWF are not offiliated though. The WCW consists of has been super stars
like Hulk Hogan, now known as Hollywood Hogan, and Rick Flair. On the other hand
the WWF hasa new fresh redneck blood like Stone Cold Steve Austin and his
archival Kane. Only the WWF gives drug tests to itís participants, which is
funny because all the old has beens have had a history of steroid use then quit,
but now they are as ripped as they have ever been... hmmm sounds fishy. Most of
the wrestling fan base watches the WWF, the fans say that it has a better story
line and more appealing characters. While the WCW just has old burnouts who are
hooked on steroids and canít write a simple script. At a time when Jerry
Springerís ratings are at an all time high, it does not surprise me that
people may occasionally tune into something like pro-wrestling, but week after
week just seems like too much. According to, "...about 34 million
people watch wrestling every week".(Time, 1999) People who watch television
these days want to see violence, they want to see controversy and conflict. The
ironic thing is that the WWF and the WCW boast about themselves being
"non-violent" and a family oriented program because all the wrestling
is staged. However, according to Entertainment Weekly, " 50 episodes
of "WWF RAW is War" on the USA network featured 42 instances of
simulated drug or alcohol use or possession; 1,658 instances of wrestlers
grabbing or pointing to their crotches..." (EW, 1999) now, how family
oriented is talking about drugs while grabbing your crotch? They buy into this
nighttime soap opera of a sport, knowing that it is actually just like any other
action-adventure with little plot of conflict and resolution. Of a two hour
program, only about a half an hour is devoted to actual wrestling matches. You
must wade through the countless trash talking, advertisements, and amateur
fights before you finally get to a main event which will, of course have the
outcome predetermined by the participants. Now the WWF and the WCW are
everywhere, there is tons of merchandise from shirts to video games, and they
are all over the Internet. The official sight of the WWF ( has had a
traffic increase of 300 percent just since April 1998.( Each sight is
about the same, they give the latest news and profile a select few wrestlers.
The obvious rivalry between the two is blatantly obvious in site chat rooms. The
chatters boast that Stone Cold could beat Goldberg or vice versa. Everyone has a
distinct view on this wrestling issue, I just wish there was no issue.
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