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Dividing a web page into frames is quite simple. Frames organize web pages by
dividing them into rows or columns. The basic concept of frames is that each
frame is a regular, complete html document. That means more than on one page is
viewed in one single screen. This allows the viewers to stay one page other than
having to keep on going to new pages. If a person wanted to divide a page into 2
side by side frames, he/she should put one complete html document in the left
frame and another complete html document in the right frame. In order to make
this happen, making an additional html document is needed. This third html
document contains the tags that specify what goes where. That is actually its
only function. The two tags used are the and the tags. A tag is a container tag,
and a tag is not. For those who don't know what that means, a container tag has
an opening and a closing . The tag specifies the html documents and whether the
frame should have a border or a scrollbar for each html document. The tag does
all the dividing. It specifies a few things regarding how to divide them up.
(Note: If using web page providers such as angelfire and geocities, make sure
the page that the frames code is going on is set for advanced html.) The most
popular way frames are organized is by using two columns. One is simply being
used for the menu of the web site, and the other being used as the main page to
view a specific page within the web site. The examples used will include how to
create frames showing the division of the page into two columns and also showing
the division of the page into two rows. First of all, name the three html
documents index.html, the page used for dividing it into frames; side1.html, the
left column of the page used for the menu; and main.html, the page for viewing a
specific page within the web site. Make sure the following html code is used in
the index.html page: *FRAMESET cols="100,*”* src=”side1.html”* . The
* simply means the space that is left over on the web page. The 100 means that
the first frame is 100 pixels wide. That code should be used to divide a page
into two columns. Be sure to adjust it to the size needed for the web site.
Dividing a page into rows uses the same concept; however, the code is slightly
different. Use the same three html documents: index.html, side1.html, and
main.html. This code should be used in the index.html page: src=”side1.html”*
. A person can also decide whether he/she wants the frame to have scrollbars or
borders. It should be specified in the tag like this: src=”side1.html”
scrolling=”no” border=”false”* src=”main.html” scrolling=”yes”
border=”false”*. That code will make the left column not to have scrollbars
whereas the main column will have scrollbars. It is possible to divide a page
into more than two frames, but they must be specified in the tag, and more html
documents will have to be made. For example, rows=”65,*,65”* will divide a
page into three rows in which the first and last will be 65 pixels tall, while
the middle will be what is left over. Sometimes when too many frames are used,
it is confusing to the viewer. Using only a few frames will make viewing a web
site easier and more organized. Viewing web pages in frames make visiting it
easier and more enjoyable. Looking at nice layouts will keep the visitors coming
back. After figuring out how to do frames, everyone will realize how easy it
really is.
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