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Cyrano De Begerac, the play and Roxanne the 80ís version of the play have a
lot of differences between them. In this essay I chose to write about three of
the differences. In the first paragraph I decided to write about how he was a
fireman in the 80ís version and how he wasnít in the older original play. In
the second paragraph I have chosen to write about how Roxanne was a rocket
scientist in the 80ís version and how she wasnít in the original play. In
the third paragraph I decide to write about my favorite part the ending on how
great it turned out but you will have to wait and find out how it turned out all
right. In the original play Cyrano Debegerac was an awesome man he was a great
swordsman and a great poetry writer a very sincere man but he was a warrior in
this play not a fireman. In the 80ís version nothing really changed about
cyrano same sweet guy, he could fight the same and was a very intelligent man,
the only thing that changed was his name which was changed to Charlie and what
he did for a living which in this movie Roxanne, he is a fireman. In the movie
Roxanne, Roxanne played a smart brilliant woman a Rocket scientist basically. In
the original play she was a very nice beautiful woman but she didnít do
anything for a living I donít think, I think she was just from a wealthy
family. In both of the play.
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