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A character can be foremost defined by their appearance. The costume for Anita
in Dog Logic defined several aspects of that character. The actual appearance of
her immediately told me she was old. She had her hair in a bun, wrinkles, and
she wore her outfit the way an old person would wear their clothing. Her costume
also gave the impression she was a successful person. The clothes looked new and
she accessorised, paying attention to detail right down to her purse and belt.
The costume also showed how self-absorbed she was in retrospect to her son's
clothing. She was dressed nicely and Hertel, her son, was wearing a pair of
dirty, old looking overalls and a dingy shirt. This factor also helped predict
that she was going to try to trick her son into selling his precious land. The
costume is very important in defining the character because that is one of the
first things you notice. The Wall is Down I believe the "fourth wall"
being broken in Dog Logic and in Death and Taxes were both positive experiences
for the audience. It was a unique experience for the audience because this is
rarely done in most productions. The fact that the actors were talking directly
to them got them involved in the play. Involvement is a great way to keep the
audience's attention. I believe that it kept the audience interested because
they were incorporated into the play. I am sure the audience was more inclined
to stay during these shows because of the direct interaction. The audience feels
their presence is needed for the play to function properly. This also made them
focus more on what the performers were saying and doing. Walking Into The Play
The fact that the play began as soon as the audience entered the building made a
great impact. Some of the audience were a bit confused in the begining, but
everyone eventually caught on. The people were delighted to this individual
experience because they got to participate in the play. The actual interaction
between the audience and the performers gave the audience an actual feel for the
setting of the play. It prepared them for what was about to take place on stage.
Some of the audience really enjoyed themselves and took an active role in the
lobby. I beleive this personal interaction made it more fun. The audience had
the opportunity to play along and simply enjoy themselves.
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