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One flew over the cuckoo's nest. Briefly Summarize the play.- It takes place in
a mental institution where a new patient has just arrived. This patient ends up
messing with everyone and creating chaos in the institution. Briefly Outline the
Plot- R.P. McMurphy is a new patient at the mental institution, he is a charming
devil, who wants to serve a very short sentence in the mental institution
instead of a long term sentence in a prison. This is a mistake, he suddenly
learns, for he runs into Nurse Ratched, who can keep him institutionalized
forever. He ends up taking over the ward, controlling the rest of the patients,
and to the astonishment to medical professionals, he makes Chief Bromden, who
was presumedly deaf and dumb, speak. He turns the other inmates into more
extrovert people by doing all sorts of things, from playing games, arranging a
party at midnight, or even staging a revolt so that the other patients can watch
the world series. Afraid that McMurphy will become more controlling than she is,
Nurse Ratched has McMurphy submitted to shock treatment. After he recovers, he
is forced to undergo one of the worst 'treatments' for his final correction, a
frontal lobotomy. However to save McMurphy from this, the Chief kills McMurphy,
and escapes from the institution. List and Descrive the main characters in the
play- R.P. McMurphy- Patient, very loud and obnoxious, very controlling and
caniving Nurse Ratched- Very mean Nurse, likes to control all the patients in
the institution, by any means necessary Chief Bromden- Deaf and dumb Indian, or
pressumedly so. Identify and explain a key line in the play- It's not
necessarily a key line during the play, its more of an instance during the play
the sends everything spiraling down. During the scene in which McMurphy has
finally pushed Nurse Ratched to her boiling point, and she turns him to shock
treatment, then schedules a frontal labotomy for him, which causes the Chief to
kill him, and get the other prisoners to escape. Play Summary #2 Rent Breifly
summarize the play This is a story that takes place on Christmas eve in New York
City. Where Mark, a young filmmaker, sets up his camera. His roomate Roger, a
songwriter and ex-junkie, struggles to pick out a song on his electric guitar.
The story goes through a day in the lives of these two men. Outline the plot-
This is a story that takes place on Christmas eve in New York City. Where Mark,
a young filmmaker, sets up his camera. His roomate Roger, a songwriter and
ex-junkie, struggles to pick out a song on his electric guitar. The phone in
their place rings, and it is an old friend at a pay phone, but their call is cut
short because he, Collins, gets mugged. The phone rings again, but this time it
is Mark's and Roger's landlord who wants their overdue rent money. Collins is
found beaten by a friend of Mark and Roger, named Angel, a drag queen. Collins
and Angel find a strange attraction between one another, and then find out that
they are both HIV-Positive. Roger, who is called by Mark's ex-girlfiend,
Maureen, asking if he can help her that night with some technical aspects of a
performance that she is to give later that night, and he agree's. Collins and
Angel come to Mark and Roger's place, inviting them to join him out for the
evening, Mark joins, but Roger doesn't. Roger is then visited by a neighbor of
his, Mimi, who instantly takes a liking to Roger. But Roger deflects all of her
come on's. He later finds out that he and mimi share a secret and an illness,
their addiction to drugs, and they are both taking AZT. Roger begins to take
greater interest in Mimi. Later in the story Roger and Mimi have become much
more romatically involved, so have Collins and Angel. But it comes to a tragic
end when Angel dies. And when Roger later turns from Mimi and heads for Santa
Fe. Unbeknownst to him, Mimi, who is now extremely sick, returns later to Mark
and Roger's place. She now tells Roger that she loves him. And Roger, who has
finally found his song, is able to play and sing it for Mimi. There is a very
touching scene where Angel appears once again in a warm white light. List and
describe the main characters Mark- Independant Filmmaker Roger- Independant
musician, who is an ex-junkie, is also in love with Mimi. Mimi- Neighbor of Mark
and Roger, who was a junkie, and is in love with Roger. Identify and explain a
key line- "I have always loved you" Said by Roger to Mimi. It's his
realization of his true feelings, and through all the chaos, and tragedy that
has happened this finally begins to set things right. Identify and list any
special production requirements- Guitar Play Summary #3 The Jest of Hahalaba Sir
Arthur gets an alchemist to call upon the spirit of laughter in order to be
granted a wish. It turns out that the spirit of laughter plays a joke on Sir
Arthur that costs him his life. Outline the plot- The story takes place on New
Year's Eve, where Sir Arthur Strangeways has called upon an Alchemist, who is
shown in by Sir Arthur's Butler, Snaggs. The Alchemist makes it rather apparant
that he does not want to be there, but Sir Arthur is determined to get what he
wants. The Alchemist knows how to call upon spirits, whether it be the spirit of
death, the spirit of drought or in this case the spirit of laughter. However the
Alchemist also knows of the dangers involved in this, for spirits loath mankind,
and plot against them in every way that they can. Disreguarding the Alchemist's
warning to specifically not call upon the spirit of laughter, he does. But he
asks for a simple thing, a file of the Times newspapers for the year of 1929.
This wish is granted by the spirit. And the spirit disappears, but not before
telling Sir Arthur that the newspaper will disappear within an hour of midnight.
Sir Arthur lunges into the papers, going directing to the stock reports pages,
making notes of all the good stocks to buy. The Alchemist all the while telling
him that he should not be doing this, and even though Sir Arthur is telling him
that he will be making millions, and even offering millions to the Alchemist if
he helps, he tries to leave. Sir Arthur lets him out. He then returns to his
papers, looking at the next days paper, he relaxes, only to find that someone
has written in the paper the he has died. He first takes this as a joke, but
then he begins to gasp for air, he then collapses and dies. Snagg's rushes in,
finds out that Sir Arthur is dead, and calls up the Times newspaper, telling
them that Sir Arthur has died. Main Characters- Sir Arthur Strangeways- Greedy
stockmarket played Snaggs- Sir Arthur Butler Alchemist- Strange person who knows
about the supernatural world. Hahalaba- The Spirit of Laughter. Key Line
"Be warned Master, and have none of him" Said by the Alchemist to Sir
Arthur, warning him not to call upon the spirit of laughter. This is
forshadowing the end of the play on how it will not turn out to be good, and it
also makes Sir Arthur want to call upon the spirit of laughter even more.
Identify and list any special production requirements White powder- Needs to be
used for the calling up of the spirit of laughter, it must be able to burn
quickly when a match is set to it. Play Summary #4 The Traveler This is about a
man traveling on a train, who is I believe somewhat of a successful and
well-known man. He is greeted almost immediately by the conductor of the train,
they begin a conversation. Outline of the plot Mr. Mercer is a traveler on a
train. He gets on the train and is greeted by Morton, the porter. Morton
introduces himself, and then Mr. Mercer introduces himself. Morton recognizes
who Mr. Mercer is, and immediately gets the conductor of the train. The
conductor comes and greets Mr. Mercer, and they begin a conversation about
people they both know, and places they have both been to. It becomes apparant
that the conductor, Mr. Barclay, is being extremely nice to Mr. Mercer. As the
train nears its stop, Mr. Barclay gets up in order to call out the stop of the
train, and Mr. Mercer gathers his things. As Mr. Mercer gets off the train, and
says goodbye to his new friend, Mr. Barclay takes a small address book out of
his pocket and writes "Mr. Mercer" a friend of the company. Characters
Mr. Mercer- A traveler on a train, a successful person Mr. Barclay- Conductor of
the train Mr. Morton- Porter on the train Key Line I think it would be the
'"Mr. Mercer" a friend of the company.' line. Because it gives the
whole story a bit of a twist, and opens up the story a bit more. Requirements-
Scenery for a train.
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