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West Side Story was one of the best plays that Kean has put on that I have seen.
This play just happens to be one of my favorite movies that I have watched over
and over again. I basically memerized all the scenes and songs. But of coarse
the play has to be shorter then the movie, so certain things had to be cut out
and changed a little bit. For example when the song “America” is sung in the
movie, the guys and girls are going against each other, but in the play it was
just girls singing to each other. I think the people chosen for the play
perfectly fit their characters. The only person I thought that needed a little
bit more work on his acting was the guy who played “Tony”, Shayne Austin.
Shayne has a great singing voice, but his acting seemed a tad bit rusty if you
ask me. Over all everyone else seemed to be perfect for his or her parts. The
play was very upbeat and exciting. There were times you laughed and times you
cried. You always wanted to know what was going to happen next. Was there going
to be a fight? Was someone going to die? Since the stage is so small not that
many props could be used. The props that they did have were good. The fence
symbolizied the playground, sowing machine showed the shop Maria worked in, the
bed symbolized Maria’s room, and the register showed the soda shop. All very
good considering the size of the stage. Overall I think that this performance
was extremely successful. It got the point across that it doesn’t matter what
race you are. You should put your differences aside and get to know people. And
that’s exactly how I feel about life. That everyone should get to know people
before they judge them. People need to stop stereo typing others. For example:
your Spanish so all you eat is rice and beans, your black so you rob people, and
your white so you think your better then everyone else of a different race. All
those stereo types are wrong and need to be change and I think this play shows
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