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Dolphins are playful and cleverness make them fascinating to watch.
Dolphins are not fish they are mammals that live in the sea. They have to come
to the top of the water every half minute, so they can breathe. But dolphins can
stay under the water for six or seven minutes, if he holds his breathe. The
dolphin breathes in his head because he has a blowhole in his head that allows
him to breathe. Dolphins have a lot of teeth to help them eat. Each dolphin has
almost one hundred teeth in his mouth all the same size and shape. The only work
teethes have is catching food, but not chewing it. First the dolphin catches a
fish then he swallows it. A dolphin has a good eye. But sometimes he can't see
very well in the water because is so full of shadows, and mud, and plants that
grow at he bottom. The dolphin uses his ears so much it is hard to see his
hears. They are located in the sides of his heads and are two tiny pinholes. The
dolphin can hear very well. A dolphin sleeps a foot or two below the top of the
water. He takes little naps every half-minute or so he moves his tail up and
down. This brings him up for a breath of air. Then he drifts down and sleeps
some more. Some dolphins stay together they play and learn and grow up. One
reason they stay together is the enemies in the sea. The Shark is their enemy
and so is the Killer Whale .If a killer whale comes close, the dolphins make a
circle. The female dolphins and their babies are in the middle of the circle.
The male dolphins swim around the outside of the cycle. It is hard to attack
when there is a bunch of dolphins. But sometimes the enemy attacks and the
dolphins attack back. When a dolphin cries for help the other dolphin comes to
help. One day some dolphins were playing around a big boat they did flips in the
water and jumped high in the air. But one dolphin was jumping too high and was
to close to a boat. That fell against the hard side of the boat and was hurt.
Then the dolphins heard the whistle for help they swam over their hurt friend.
But was sinking in the water that the two friends started to push him up for a
breathe air. Then he took a big breath of air and he swam away with his friends.
That shows that the Dolphins stay together and are friendly. Dolphins are among
the most playful of all animals, even as adults. They play with each other, with
whatever the may find, and with the fish they are about to eat. They even like
to play with people, which maybe people enjoy dolphins so much. Dolphins learn
human’s games quickly, and they also make up their own games and teach them to
people. Dolphins will almost play with anything balls, feathers, and many other
things. They can play basketball, play toss the ring, jump up high, fetch a
stick in the water, and ring a bell when he is jumping and other varieties.
Sometimes dolphins are shy when they swim close to shore. If people are gentle
to the dolphins get over their shyness.

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