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How did Carl relate to: 1. Linda: Carl acted respectfully toward Linda. He was
generous. When he left he dropped off his savings, and fixed the washing
machine. He told Linda how she was a good mother and how Frank's eyes light up
when he is around her. He told Linda how much he appreciates her attitude
towards him, making him biscuits at night and providing him with a place to
stay. Carl can also be considered a kind of a protector to Linda. If you think
about it, Carl is much sophisticated than the regular people since he feels
others sadness. He is very emotional and understanding. 2. Doyle: He had a lot
more problems than Carl did. He seemed to be a control freak towards anyone that
is around him. He expects everything to go his way. It seemed like he had to
order everyone around. Carl didn't like him even the first time he saw him.
Doyle was always putting Carl down, always calling him a retard. 3. Frank: Carl
really like Frank. They became friends when they first started talking. Frank
was just as considerate as Carl was. They seem to have a lot of things in
common. Frank really dealt with his situation in life very wisely, always being
rational and taking other people's feelings in account. That's why him and Carl
get along so well. 4. Von: Carl considered Von to be a good natural person. Von
was a kind of sensitive man like a very sincere person. Told Carl about how
cruel Doyle was and how he should just stay away from him. According to Linda,
Von is not a "guy-guy". 5. Director of hospital: he was much were
mentally sick then Carl, always telling his stories about torturing his victims
Carl was always irritated by his stories but didn't say anything in return. But
at the end of the movie Carl really spoke out against him, so that showed the
difference between two inmates. 6. Inmate in hospital: was much more mentally
sick than Carl, always telling his stories about torturing his victims. Carl was
always irritated by is stories but didn't say anything in return. But at the end
of the movie, Carl really spoke out against him, so that showed the difference
between two inmates. 7. His father: Carl's father just sat in his chair all day,
just mumbling world because Carl had killed his wife and he also knew that the
person that Carl's mom was having an affair with also got murdered by Carl. 8.
His little brother: Carl really misses his brother because when Carl was young.
He had to bury his brother who had died, and the size of his brother was not
bigger than a squirrel. 9. Malinda: She was the lady who was fixed up with Carl.
She is a really simple lady. It seemed like she said anything that came to her
mind, but she was a very affectionate person. I think she really liked Carl. The
next day she came to Carl's workplace and gave him flowers.
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