Essay, Research Paper: Corruption In School Systems


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all started when I was just a little tike sitting in some *censored*ed up class
room in which I would get well accustomed to one day. I mean really; twelve
years of ones life in an institution of which they have no control over?
Learning about how Christopher Colubus was a great navigator and pioneer, but
not learning of the genocide he perpetuated throughout Haiti and many other
third world countrys. This sack of *censored* was worse than Hitler. An
estimated 8,000,000 native Americans which he was directly and indirectly
responsible for the deaths of. I'll tell you why we here about Hitler's crusade
and not Columbus's. The simple fact is that our society and schools are so
*censored*ing Eurocentric that anything invented by or discovered by non whites
is pretty much un heard of. The only non European part of our history that is
taught is Martin Luther King. And you know why?; it's because he believed that
when slapped you should turn the other cheek and take it. Why not Malcom X?
Because he realized that if you wanted something fronm the hostile white race,
the only way was to use hostility. You fight fire with rivers, not rain drops.
And you wonder why minorities do so poorly in school. They don't give a flying
*censored* about the lies being given, they know that native Indians were living
in America thousands of years before Columbus "discovered" it. The
schooling system has created a mythical history based on the falsifacation of
European conquest. I could think of a million things better to do with twelve
years of a persons life.
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