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This lesson, which is intended
for a first grade classroom, and is approximately 40 minutes in length, will
deal with diverse families. I will read the book to the students, and then we
will discuss the different types of families, and how each one of our families
is different. The purpose is to show each child that there are many families
like and unlike theirs; and that this is socially acceptable. The concepts and
themes to be taught are interdependence, identity, and culture. 2. New York
State Learning Standards Social Studies/Standard 1/Elementary/Strand 2/gather
and…and community 3. Objectives At the conclusion of this lesson: · Students
will appreciate diverse families. (Affective) · Students will understand that
every family is unique and different. (Cognitive) · Students will be prepared
to accurately trace an immediate family map. (Psychomotor) 4. Materials
Teacher's Materials 1. Social studies resource guide with core curriculum. 1999.
p. 22. 2. NYS learning standards for social studies. 1996. p.2. 3. Celebrating
Families. Rosemarie Hausherr. 1997. Student Materials 4. Pen or Pencil 5.
Graffiti Board 6. "My Family" information sheet 5. Procedure a.
Anticipatory Set Can anyone tell me what a family is? (Knowledge) How can
families be different? We are going to learn about families today; families like
yours, families that are different than yours. b. Procedure 1. Introduce the
book Celebrating Families. 2. Read the book to the entire class. Be sure to show
all of the pictures. This is important. 3. When finished with the book, split
the class into three groups. 4. These groups will each have a graffiti board to
write on. Have them write about some of these questions, along with any other
interesting facts or notes about families: · List the members of your family
(Knowledge). · Explain what your families do together (Comprehension). ·
Relate your families to others (Application). · Study the families in the book;
write how your family is different from one of the families (Analysis). ·
Create a family that you would like to be in when you grow up (Synthesis) ·
Write about how you accept one of the families in the book (Evaluation). 5.
Share each group's graffiti board. Give five minutes for the students to observe
what was written 6. Hang the graffiti boards on the wall. Keep them up until our
unit on families are finished. c. Closure What have we learned about families
today? (Evaluation) We are going to have an exciting project for homework
tonight. 6. Evaluation · Did the students work together effectively? · Did the
students understand that families are different? · Did the students celebrate
family diversity? · Did the students reach the goals objectives? 7. Extended
Assignment Homework: Take home the "My Family" information sheet. Have
your parents help you get the names of everyone in your family. Have your
parents read the directions at the top of the page. We will put together family
trees in the next class.

1. Social studies resource guide with core curriculum. 1999. p. 22. 2. NYS
learning standards for social studies. 1996. p.2. 3. Celebrating Families.
Rosemarie Hausherr. 1997.

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