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Christianity is one of the major religions of this Country. It has been the
dominant religion in Europe and America, Christianity has also spread throughout
the world and has a greater number of adherents then any other religion. We
learned that the Jesus of Nazareth founded Christianity. We drew on the
expectations for a Messiah common in the region during these centuries. We
studies that Jesus was born in Bethlehem, near Jerusalem, and grew up in the
town of Nazareth. African Religion states that they had no founder(s). “It
evolved slowly through many centuries, as people responded to the situations of
their life and reflected upon their experiences.” I find that the thing that I
study the most as a child are really strong in the life of many now. Yes, some
respect the teaching of Jesus but his life is not given all due respect.
According to the gospels, he created great excitement among the people. But I
find more denied that him more and more each day. Witchcrafts get more time in
people life than Jesus. Jesus was tried be fore Pontius Pilate, the Roman
governor. He eventually agreed to have Jesus crucified. Now he is been crucified
everyday when I our children watch televising. , pick up a book to read in ways
that pull down in teach of how to bring up a family. Not to lie, not to steal
and not to have our body view as a objects. Christianity in this country is
really becoming a business. The reason I made this statement is base on where we
could call on the preacher for healing the blinded like did on Saul is who later
becam Paul which mean heal. People feel that you pay in for your healing to
come. I’m that my happen West African it read about as much. We are losing out
on the teaching. I really feel came from African . Is damnation coming on
American more, due to our poor relation with God. It really speak for itself,
are does it? At one time the position of Christianity vastly improved when
Emperor Constantine became a supporter of Christianity. The religions of
Christianity and Judaism both accept everyone and charge nothing. They welcome
the poor and rich alike. They believing that the people should be charity and to
care for the poor and outcast. Christians believe that the appointed Jesus was
there Messiah. They believed that all people had good in them. If they prayed to
the Messiah, no matter what bad they did they would be forgiven and redeemed in
the eyes of their Lord. All men could be saved from sins before and in the after
life. Christianity is now one of the major religions than can be found all over
the world. I wish we could teach more on faith less on money.
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