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Wayne Gretzky has to one of the greatest if not the best hockey player in the
National Hockey Leagues history. He was adored by almost everyone, the
exemptions being his opponents. Now, Mr. Reynolds you say how do I involve Mr.
Wayne Gretzky into my math analysis report? Well it is easy, throughout the
duration of Wayne’s career he has accumulated many points. He also has one
many awards and I’ll give you little quizzes to tell how much you know about
the great one. Wayne Gretzky hockey career started at a very early age. He was
born on January 26, 1961. He was born in Brantford, Ontario. He was always a
great hockey player even at the young age when we were all just rink rats. Back
then could you guess what numero he was. Well the answer would be number 9. Why,
number 9, well because there was a legendary guy that was named Gordie Howe that
had the jersey with a number 9 on it. When the great one was ten years old he
recorded 369 goals in his fifth year in hockey. Wow, my (meaning Mark Lawrence)
greatest year of hockey I only had 67 goals and 32 assists. That was in about 40
games. But then you look at Wayne's younger times and it makes me look horrible.
People looked at Wayne Gretzky with high expectations, and some knew that he was
going to something very great one day. The only problem people thought of him
was that he was too skinny and he had no beef to himself what so ever. Well all
of his points throughout his career proved everyone wrong. His coming into the
NHL was in 1978-1979 year. He had 51 goals and 86 assists in 79 games played.
That adds up to a whooping 137 points total. In that rookie year he had 13 power
play goals, one short handed goal, six game winning goals. He has 284 shots on
goal. So that means his 284 shots with 51 goals he had a shooting percentage of
18 percent. Wow, that is whomping good. Then you say, hey then that guy has to
be very aggressive, and racks in the penalty minutes. Don’t you think? But,
Hey now he only had 21 penalty minutes. That would be 8 minor penalties and one
major penalty. Now, you know the other teams are in some trouble. You have a man
that can score but also can keep his cool. Wow, well compare him to someone also
great. Oh, what the heck we'll compare him to me. I had an average of 1.5
penalties per game this year or around 3 minutes in the box. If you put that
into Wayne Gretzky rookie year then he should have gotten 237 penalty minutes
instead of his 21. In the 1982-83 season Wayne accumulated his most penalty
minutes he has ever had in a season. He had 59 penalty minutes in 80 games. The
time spent in the box per game would then be .7375 minutes. If we change that
into seconds that would be 44.25 seconds. Now we’ll get away from that stupid
penalty box I hate soo much. I will get into Wayne Gretzky records and some of
his tremendous accomplishments. The great ones first goal was in 10-4-79. They
were playing against the Vancouver Canucks. On December 30, 1981, (my mom’s
B-day), Mr. Huge obtained his fiftieth goal in only his 39 game against the
Philadelphia Flyers. Wow that is a huge number! Now, Reynolds whose record did
Waynoo beat and how long did it take them to get 50 goals. A. Mike Bossey, 50
goals in 50 games. B. Maurice the ‘rocket’ Richard, 50 goals in 50 games. C.
Gordie Howe, 50 goals in 50 games. Will it be A, B, or C? What do you think? .
It was actually A and B Mr. Reynolds. The great one demolished the sustaining
record. If you do the Math it took him 11 less games to reach 50 then it took
Maurice or Mike Bossey to reach 50 goals. Wow that was amazing, huh! Lets do up
some Math with that then. Wayne’s goals per game in that 39 game period would
be 1.28 goals per game. Maurice and Bossey’s goals per game were 1.00. Using
Wayne’s average he scored a little more then five goals in four games. Maurice
and Bossey averaged out at exactly four goals per game. Wayne Gretzky won his
first Stanley Cup in which year? A. 1982-1983 season B. 1981-1982 season C.
1983-1984 season D. 1984-1985 season The answer to that question would be the
letter C. He won his first Stanley Cup in the 1983-1984 NHL hockey season. In
his 19-playoff games he played in he recorded 13 goals and 22 assists. That
would be 1.56 assist per game, .68 goals per game, or 2.24 points per game. That
would be a great accomplishment when you are playing against the rest of the
best NHL teams left in the playoffs. Wayne Gretzky won his first Conn Smythe
trophy in the 1984-1985 playoffs. If you do not know what the Conn Smythe trophy
is for Reynolds, I’ll tell you. It is for the most valuable player in the
Stanley Cup Playoffs. He won that along with the Stanley Cup again in the
1984-1985 season. My picture is of the first of four Stanley Cups the great one
has one as an Edmonton Oiler. However, in the 1981-1982 Gretzky set single
season-National Hockey League marks for goals (92), assists (120), and in points
(212). Wayno the great unraveled his record in his first Conn Smythe year
recording 135 assists. Now, it is enough to be a great scorer, but to be a
playmaker this man was just unbearable. But, to top 135 assist to 163 the next
year is incomprehensible. Wayne Gretzky won the Hart trophy nine times. He won
eight in a row from 1979-80 season (his rookie year), till 1986-1987 season.
Then he won the trophy again in the 1988-89 year. The Hart trophy is the most
valuable player in the NHL. That was assome that he could be the most valuable
player as a rookie. The goalies must be shivering in the pants. Their goals
against average must be sliding above the roof with people like the great one as
your opponent. Because if you were a goalie facing Wayne in his prime he was
scoring around 20 percent of all the shots he took. That is one of every five
shots he took. One in five is a horrible number if you’re the goalie. A good
number would be one in twenty shots, or even on in fifteen shots for goalies to
let up a goal in. Wayne was putting them in one-fourth of the time, as he should
have been scoring. That means the goalies must have really sucked or the great
one made tons of great opportunities for himself. I think he made the
opportunities for himself, don’ t you think Mr. Reynolds. His best scoring
percentage was in 1983-84 season. He had a scoring percentage rate of one in
every 3.73 shots that he took. That is a shagadalic kind of a rate don’t you
think. I would eat the pucks raw if I could score at that kind of rate. Quiz
time Reynolds! Wayne Gretzky scored his 100th goal against whom? A. Toronto
Maple Leafs B. Los Angeles Kings C. Winnipeg Jets D. Philadelphia Flyers The
great one scored his 800th goal in San Jose. Against whom did he score his 801st
goal, tying Gordie Howe’s all time scoring record? A. Edmonton Oilers B.
Philadelphia Flyers C. Winnipeg Jets D. San Jose Sharks The answers will be on
the top of the next page. Can’t you wait till you see what team he tied the
all time scoring record against? The great one scored his 100th goal on 3-7-81
against the Philadelphia Flyers. The answer to the second question is the San
Jose Sharks. Wayne scored his 800th and his 801st career goal against the San
Jose Sharks on 3-20-94. Wayne Gretzky broke Gordie Howe’s scoring record 3
days latter on the 23rd of March. Now lets compare The Great One to Gordie Howe
a little bit more. In which year did Wayne Gretzky tie and break Gordie Howe's
assists record? A. 1996 B. 1992 C. 1988 D. 1989 Don’t Peak Now! How many more
goals did The Great One have compared to Gordie Howe in their lifetimes? A. 53
B. 63 C. 85 D. 93 The answer to the first Question on this page would be the
letter C. He broke Gordie Howe’s assist record of 1049 on May 1, 1988. The
answer to the second question would be the letter D as in Dog. Hope you did well
on my little test because I’m going to leave you with only one more question.
Its Final Jeopardy time and its time to make you’re wagers. Reynolds if I were
you I would risk it all. The Final Question is… How many more points did the
Great One, Wayne Gretzky have compared the magnificent Gordie Howe. A. 1006 more
points B. 902 more points C. 875 more points D. 773 more points Do you know the
answer? I don’t think so. Well maybe you do so I’ll tell you on the next
page. Wayne Gretzky career ended this year. He retired from the New York
Rangers. He played in 70 games this year, and had nine goals and 53 assists for
62 points. He only had 14 penalty minutes. Wow, how could he do that? It makes
me feel like a goon. Well the answer to Final Jeopardy would be the Letter A as
in Austin. In conclusion to my paper I proceed that I used simple and some
algebraic skills into my paper. I substituted some number to find out what the
answer would be. I used a lot of addition and subtraction though. I believe that
Wayne Gretzky was probably the best hockey player that has ever lived thus far
as I have seen throughout my seventeen-year existence. A little comics below
engaging in The Great Ones retirement. Wayne Gretzky retirement was a horrific
loss but someone will step their game up and will take the excitement of the
coolest game on earth to the next millennium and beyond. It was great
researching one of my hockey idols and incorporating him into my mathematical
studies using all of his tremendous statistics.

the pictures Toronto Telegram, No. 9 with big No. 9 aspirations, By John Iaboni
Slam Hockey E.S.P.N. Com. C.B.S sportsline
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