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I recently attended the play, Brigadoon by loewe and lerner, at my local college
theater. Through all of the plays mystical events and songs, I noticed some very
important details. I chose to compare the ideas in the play to some specific
ideas held by a group of people in Italy. The mounted their ideas together to
form a period in our history called the Renaissance. This was the first thing
that came to my mind when I was thinking about my comparison. A play acts as its
own time period as it resembles a mere image of real life. A play could relate
to almost any person, place, or thing. The first comparison I would like to talk
about deals with themes. The Renaissance period is often referred to as the,
"rebirth", period. People in Italy changed the way of living by
creating an organized and free way of living. I believe that Brigadoons main
theme deals with the rebirth of Tommy Albright's life. Tommy Albright is one of
the main stars in the play Brigadoon. He is from New York and is on a trip with
one of his best friends. He is also engaged at the very beginning of the play
but he is in no rush to settle down. Tommy and his friend run into this hidden
town called Brigadoon in the middle of Scotland. It is here were Tommy falls in
love with a girl named Fiona. However, the laws of Brigadoon forbid Fiona to
leave with Tommy and go back to New York. Tension arises and Tommy leaves his
loved one in Brigadoon. Once Tommy is back in New York he realizes his mistake
and finds his rebirth. He realizes what he wants and who he wants to become.
Tommy goes back to Brigadoon and stays with Fiona, leaving everything else
behind. The comparison seems so close yet far away. In time everything goes
through a little change or rebirth. But the renaissance and Tommy's rebirth was
different. These changes delt with fate, destiny, and prosperity. The
renaissance period has shaped our culture today. I might not even be writing
this paper if it was not for that period were they encourage free writing and
thinking. The period was part of the world's destiny to become a better place to
live. People from Italy influenced each other to encourage works of art and free
thinking. And in time they prospered to help shape our culture. However, the
influences that help cause a rebirth can only aid so much. During the
Renaissance nobody expected what the future would bring. Brigadoon isolated
Tommy to help him understand his love for Fiona. However, his rebirth is not
guaranteed to last. Many obstacles stand in his path to have the perfect
relationship with Fiona. When comparing the domestic life of Brigadoon people
and Renaissance people, confusion hindered my thoughts. I picture the
Renaissance domestic life much like that of Brigadoons. Lots of people dancing,
happy, old fashion, and close to one another. Brigadoon was an isolated town in
which traditions would last forever. During the Renaissance Italian people
fought to bring order and change society. I realize their society was not like
Brigadoons. The people in Italy were unhappy fighting to have freethinking.
However, as time went on the Renaissance could compare to the happy town of
Brigadoon. Italy soon began to flourish as people looked up to their way of
living. They had caused a rebirth in the way of living and were now being
rewarded. Festivals occurred all the time and I picture the people being happy,
just like the people of Brigadoon. The fashion differences between Brigadoon and
the Renaissance period are illustrated. The people of Brigadoon seem to free day
by day, not really caring how they appear. A simple dress or shirt would do just
fine on an average day. During the Renaissance the people of Italy were more
perfect and beautiful than any other country in Europe. The cloths and dwellings
were designed in one of the greatest art periods of all time. Great artists
influenced the people during the Renaissance. Paintings, buildings, sculptures,
and works of art were everywhere. In Venice there were rules which prohibited
certain types of dress. Brigadoon was a more laid back way of dressing. When
comparing the two types of fashion our culture today comes to my mind. When you
walk down the street you see both types of styles. Other people influence you on
what to wear and what is cool. That is why I understand Brigadoons old fashion
style. They are isolated people who rarely get visitors in their town. They have
nothing to compare or share with. The people in Italy influenced each other to
look as best as they could and strive for perfection. In turn they helped give
our culture a new way to look at fashion. During the early years of the
Renaissance the bubonic plague hit Europe. The plague was often called
"black death" and devastated city life. I saw one man during the play
who was haunted by a plague also. Archie Beaton's son, Harry, who is love with
Jean Maclaren, was haunted by the plague called Charlie Dalrymple. Harry is
deeply in love but Jean is about to marry Charlie. Harry is constantly bothered
and upset because of Charlie. Charlie acts as a painful plague that does not
seem to go away. When the bubonic plague hit Europe many people tried to flee
the cities into the countryside. However, only the rich people could afford to
go. Many people died because they did not have the money to flee. Harry tried to
run from his plague also. The laws of Brigadoon forbid Harry to leave the town
but he does not care about them any more. When trying to leave Harry is killed
and his plague ends. The town suffers from his loss just as the Renaissance
period was hurt. The Renaissance may have been a time period, however, it still
can relate to the play Brigadoon. Any play can influence people and has to have
influences, just like certain periods of our past. One of the main reasons I
chose the Renaissance it because it reminded of Europe, as did the play.
Whenever I think of Europe I think of purity, arts, and beautiful landscapes.
When I first seen the play I knew it was supposed to take place in Europe. So I
simply compared it to the one thing in Europe that is a great historical period,
the Renaissance.
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