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In St. Paul’s Epistle to the Romans, he explains that God’s justice is
“God’s way of righting wrong”. St. Paul says in Jesus’ sacrificial death
God “ meant by this to demonstrate his justice”. According to Paul, human
pride is excluded because “the keeping of law would not exclude it, but faith
does”. St. Paul’s reason for this is “that a man is justified by faith
quite apart from success in keeping the law. St. Paul also discusses that a
person must use their gifts for the good of people. We have to use our gifts
because “the gifts we possess differ as they are allotted to us by God’s
grace”. “A teacher should employ his gift in teaching”. In Paul’s last
selection, he explains that “every person must submit to the supreme
authorities”. He explains that God institutes all authorities, and if you
don’t follow the law you are resisting “a divine institution”. Paul says
that if you do right you have no reason to fear the authorities. We pay taxes
because “the authorities are in God’s service and to these duties they
devote their energies.” Paul also explains that if you love your neighbor has
“satisfied every claim of the law”. “Love cannot wrong a neighbor;
therefore the whole law is summed up in love.” Diocletion was a Roman emperor
that persecuted the Christians. He persecuted them by sending out edicts to all
the empire saying that all churches be destroyed, Scriptures be burned, people
that were Christian and held places of honor be degraded, and citizens that
practiced Christianity after the letters went out be taken to prison. Soon after
other letters were issued “commanding that all bishops of the churches
everywhere” be put in prison and be “compelled to sacrifice [to the
gods]”. The persecution became worse. The letters demanded that “all the
people should sacrifice at once…and offer libations to the idols”. In the
rise of Christianity, Constantine was the most important contributor to the rise
of the new faith. Constantine was a Roman ruler that claimed he saw the Roman
sign for Christianity and God spoke to him during a battle. He used Christianity
as his backbone of his crusade. He eventually took over the whole Roman Empire
and greatly supported Christianity. Constantine issued the Edict of Milan,
giving religious freedom to everyone .He especially favored Christians by
building magnificent churches and exempting clergy from taxes.
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