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The "Kingdom of God" is a commonly used phrase in the Christian
community. It rolls off the tongue of believers worldwide, yet the meaning of
this dominant idiom is rarely explained. What exactly is the "kingdom of
God?" What does it mean to be apart of God's kingdom? These inquiries gnaw
at the heart and soul of every believer, and the principles shared by Pastor
Chad Hyatt have successfully provided answers. The word kingdom can be divided
into two words - the king's domain. Of course, as Christians, God(and, or Jesus)
is our king. This then implies that we, believers, are Christ's subjects. We are
God's domain. Therefore, the kingdom of God is not "abstract or
immaterial," but very real and living - heavy with a purpose to carry out.
The words king's domain imply the act of ruling. We can therefore draw the
conclusion that Christ in us rules our hearts, and that we are his domain or
place of rule. It was mentioned earlier that the kingdom of God has a purpose to
carry out. This purpose encompasses many things. It includes the recruitment of
the others into the kingdom and carrying out the heart and will of the king, or
God. This definition and explanation of the kingdom of God brings its purpose to
one final word: INFLUENCE. God said that we are to be "salt and
light." The King has commissioned his domain to attend church, read the
Bible, and to pray in order to train so that we may be able to
"compete" with Satan in the world. We must train ourselves in order to
influence, so that we may recruit. This is truly serving our king, which is the
purpose behind salvation. In essence of how Pastor Chad Hyatt relates it, the
kingdom of God is in us. It is where the king rules. It is who the king rules.
It is how the king conducts his rule. When altogether stated, the kingdom is us.
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