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Children learn from their mother as well as their father all the time. If just
one parent takes over and is always around them then the person tends to act
like them. For instance, a mother and a son live together the son will act
femanine at times and the same with a father and a daughter. The daughter will
turn into a tomboy, most of the time. What I am saying is that in fact a child
needs both mother and father to learn from. So in any situation a mother as well
as the father should have an equal choice in any matter. For instance, abortion
is mostly a mothers choice what to do with it. This is wrong the mother didn't
just make the baby bye herself, the father had to participate an equal amount.
If the mother wants an abortion but the father doesn't the in the end the mother
will be able to have an abortion. I understand that once in awhile the father
will abandon the mother. When a mother wants to make a suggestion with the
father and visa versa the decision of abortion shouldn't even be brought up.
Abortion is not only morally wrong but ethnically wrong also. Although many
people say that abortion is a sin it does not say it anywhere in the bible.
Psalms: 139 13-15 is often used to prove that human life starts at conception.
It says: Truly you have formed my inmost being; you knit me in my mothers womb.
I give you thanks that I am fearfully, wonderfully made; wonderful are your
works. My soul also knew full well; nor was my frame know to you. In this I interrupted
it as life begins at conception and god knew you before you were even born. But
after you make your decision of either adoption or keeping the baby for
yourself. If you keep it for your self both parents should be invovled with the
baby. A fathers love is just as important as the mothers. A lot of times the
father will not be as emotional to there children as a mother would. So
therefore a mother will say "I love you" a lot more then a father
would. Yet, the father will love you just as much as the mother will. Although
it may not seem that way if your parents punish you but they really do. One
things that fathers though get a bad rap for is when a father is really into
sports but his son isn't. It posses a problem for both of them. The son wants to
live up to his fathers expectations and the fathers wants his child to do
whatever he or she likes to do. But most of the time in the end everything will
work out between parents and there children if the love is spread out to
everyone in the family.
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